Author Testimonial: Dr. Frank Pun from Insilico Medicine

Dr. Frank Pun

Dr. Frank Pun, Associate Director (Project & Operations) at Insilico Medicine, describes his experience publishing a research paper that he co-authored, entitled, “Hallmarks of aging-based dual-purpose disease and age-associated targets predicted using PandaOmics AI-powered discovery engine” with Aging (Aging-US).

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Frank Pun

Hi, I’m Frank Pun, Associate Director, Application Science Lead of Insilico Medicine.

I published a paper in the journal of Aging that we use PandaOmics and AI power discovery engine to identify dual purpose targets that are implicated in aging and age-associated diseases.

We had a wonderful experience publishing with Aging. There is a world class Editorial Board. The submission and review process was very smooth.

We would like to thank the reviewers for their timely response. Their comments were very constructive, which helped us further improve our paper. It was a very nice experience. We like to continue to publish there.

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