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  • Targeting Mitophagy as a Therapeutic Strategy for Cancer TreatmentTargeting Mitophagy as a Therapeutic Strategy for Cancer Treatment
    In this new study, researchers investigated the intricate link between mitophagy and cancer stem cells. The post Targeting Mitophagy as a Therapeutic Strategy for Cancer Treatment appeared first on Aging (Aging-US) Research.

ABOUT AGING-US.NET features interviews and testimonials from the distinguished network of authors who continue to publish their research with Aging (Aging-US)—a twice-monthly, traditional, peer-reviewed journal with open access, covering all areas of research on aging, including age-related diseases, such as cancer.

The mission of the journal is to understand the mechanisms surrounding aging and age-related diseases, including cancer as the main cause of death in the modern aged population.

The journal aims to promote 1) treatment of age-related diseases by slowing down aging, 2) validation of anti-aging drugs by treating age-related diseases, and 3) prevention of cancer by inhibiting aging. (Cancer and COVID-19 are age-related diseases.)

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Aging Scientific Integrity
Aging Scientific Integrity